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Advantages of Using Biomass Pellets Over Fossil Fuels

by Walter

Most of the industrial nations in today’s digital world depend heavily on fossil fuels for energy. This means burning coal, oil, and natural gas, which means increased pollution and toxic gases. But there is an alternative for those industries.

Biomass pellets offer an environmentally friendly fuel source that can be used to supply heat and power instead of burning fossil fuels. Biomass pellets are a great alternative to fossil fuels. They burn better and they contain no sulphur or mercury.

Biomass pellets and machines like the straw pellet machine have become very popular in recent years. Biomass pellets are made from hardwood trees, agricultural waste, and other organic materials that would otherwise be landfilled or burned.

Differences Between Biomass and Fossil Fuels

There are many ways to generate energy, from coal to uranium. Fossil fuels have been a primary contributor to climate change and other environmental disasters, but there is a cheaper and more sustainable option available;

Here are some of the differences and reasons why more people are opting to go for Biomass:


Biomass pellets produce low levels of pollution compared with other types of fuel such as coal or gas because they don’t contain sulphur or nitrogen oxides which cause acid rain when burned. The smoke produced by burning biomass pellets is also clean and contains no particulate matter which affects human health when breathed in regularly.

The smoke produced by burning fossil fuels contains PM2.5 particles which are known to increase the risk of asthma, heart disease, and lung cancer if inhaled regularly over long periods of time


Biomass pellets burn more efficiently than other types of fuel so they last longer and cost less per unit of energy produced than other fuels like coal or gas. Biomass pellets produce less ash than coal and don’t require costly scrubbers on your boiler or furnace to remove particulate matter from the exhaust gases. This makes them cheaper and safer to use than coal or other fossil fuels.

It Is Efficient

Biomass pellets burn much more efficiently than wood logs because they contain less moisture than wood and are denser. This means that you don’t need to use as many pellets to heat your home or business.

It Is a Sustainable Energy Source

Using biomass as fuel helps keep forests healthy by reducing the amount of wood being harvested for fuel purposes and increasing the amount of wood being used in other ways such as furniture making or paper manufacturing.

It Is a Renewable Energy Sources

Biomass pellets are made from renewable resources such as tree branches and leaves that would otherwise be burned for disposal or left in landfills. They can also be made from agricultural waste such as rice hulls, corn stalks, and wheat straw


Getting yourself a biomass pellet-making machine would help you contribute to the preservation of the environment. Visit Yulong Machinery today and buy a machine that will help you create environmentally friendly energy.

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