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Benefits of Using an Automatic Pig Feeder

by Walter

A pig feeder is an essential piece of equipment for a pig farmer. It allows pigs to access their food when they want without human assistance. The machine ensures that pig feeds get to the feeding slots when needed. In most cases, automatic pig feeders have sensors that detect when your pigs need feeding. The automated system transports feed on a storage facility, like a silo, to the feeding trough. You can control how much food your pigs get and how many pigs the system feeds. Alibaba accommodates the ever-growing range of automatic pig feeders. You will not miss a choice that meets your demands.

Advantages of automatic pig feeders

If you are used to feeding your pigs manually, you might be wondering why these devices are worth it. With many people using the feeders and demand increasing every day, you can, without a doubt, be sure of multiple benefits. Automatic pig feeders will not let you down. Below are some of the main pros;

Great for cost management

Automatic pig feeders eliminate the need for human labor. Therefore, they reduce the labor costs for running a pig farm. Additionally, the machines allow you to manage the quantity of food your pigs receive. This reduces the amount of waste and helps with cost management. An automatic pig feeder also makes it easy for you to decide how much feed to use. If you have just ventured into pig farming and want to minimize the cost and maximize returns to keep the business on the move, get this machine.

It helps you manage your pigs’ weight

You can control your pigs’ weight using an automatic pig feeder. More often than not, you cannot achieve the desired results from your pigs until they meet specific weight requirements. Therefore, you require your pigs to grow fast. You can easily feed some of your pigs more than others with manual feeding. However, an automatic pig feeder allows you to ensure your pigs get the same and the right amount of food. This comes in handy if you plan to sell them afterward.

Eliminate the need for crates

With an automatic pig feeder, you do not need to install feeding crates for your pigs. The crates are not easy to manage. They require constant cleaning, and you need several of them for a large group of pigs. In addition to maintenance, crates can break easily, requiring replacement often. It can be frustrating. With automatic pig feeders, you also require less labor for cleaning and setting up the crates with foods.

Allow planning and scheduling

Automatic pig feeders also allow you to plan and schedule animal feeding times. You can plan and execute everything perfectly and easily. This feature ensures that your pigs are fed at the right time, even if you have other engagements. You get to focus on other things without worrying about your pigs.


You can use an automatic pig feeder for small or large groups of pigs. The feeder gives your pigs the freedom to determine when they want to eat. These machines are a worthy investment. Get the pig feeders from Alibaba today.

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