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For The Love Of Wood: The Usefulness Of A Plank Of Wood

by Walter

You really don’t have to live long to know that wood from trees plays an important feature in our lives as humans. If you’re blindfolded and dropped in the middle of an unknown location, the moment your eyes are opened, chances are there’s wood or a by-product of wood lying around. Among the many products of trees, a plank of wood sits right high on the list.

For most of us, we made use of finished products of wood. However, if you’re not afraid to put on your DIY gloves and hat, there are many things you can create around the house with a plank of wood.

You can trust us to give you some design ideas. Ready? Let’s go!

Note boards

Sticky notes have become popular because they’re a cute way to keep us reminded about things. It’s hard to find someone who has a problem with sticky notes and how easy they help joggle our memories. However, if you don’t have the right platform or background to stick them, they could look untidy and make the whole place disorganized.

Do you have a plank of wood lying around? A good way to put it to use is to turn it into a note board. This way you wouldn’t have to worry about destroying the paint on your wall. To get started, get some good, strong nails, and a hammer and place the plank in a part of the house where it is visible to all. With the plank in place, you can choose to use sticky notes or use pins to hold up pieces of paper.

Towel rack

You can place the plank in the bathroom, kitchen or in the garage. What you’re trying to design is a portable space where you can easily hang towels for easy reach. Get your plank of wood, and screw in some hooks. The strength of the hook and the depth of screwing will be determined by the weight of towels you intend to hang on the hooks. Hand towels generally have far less weight than bathroom towels.

With the hooks perfectly secured into the plank of wood, use nails to a hammer to attach the plank of wood to the wall. If you’re better using a drill, then go for it.

Wood plank ceiling

This is an amazing way to add aesthetics to your interior d├ęcor. It may require some technical skills, since you’ll be using several construction tools. However, it’s an easy setup once you get the hang of it. Since there are different material types of wood planks, you have quite a lot of options to work with.

You’ll be needing a hammer, nails, drills, wood cutter, glue, etc. If you’ve no idea on how to begin, you can get informed by watching any quick DIY wood plank ceiling video on YouTube.


As far as construction goes, wood will always be an important part of the industry. There are many reputable suppliers selling quality planks of wood for your next construction project. There are a lot of easy DIY ideas on how to use a plank of wood in your home. If you have a plank of wood lying around in your home, don’t hold back your DIY skills. Get your nail and hammer and try implementing any of these Ideas.

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