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The Different Bowl Types Explained

by Walter

Bowls are daily use utensils with diverse applications. You can eat food in them or give food to your pets. Bowls are simple utensils that are available in endless designs, materials, color combinations, quality, size, and price. So, if you’re trying to decorate your crockery collection with bowls, Chinese bowls are world famous. Consider adding them to your collection since the entire world is into Chinese bowls. Below depicts what are the different types of bowls and why you should be buying some of the most fantastic and classy bowls from bowl suppliers at Alibaba.com.

Types Of Bowls To Choose From

Alibaba.com is known to sell some top notch bowls of various types and some of them are covered below:

1. Disposable

They’re single-use bowls that are meant for use and throw purpose. You can use them on trips or while you’re away from home. They’re convenient as you can eat food and throw them away when done using them. No need to wash them or store them for further use. These types of bowls come in handy when you don’t have any place to wash your bowls.

2. Eco-Friendly

The eco-friendly bowls are made from eco-friendly materials such as clay, soil, wood, and other natural items. They can either be pure clay or a mix of different materials. Eco-friendly bowls are multi-use and multi-purpose. Not only you can eat in them, you can also keep them as show pieces in your showcase to show-off in front of your guests and visitors.

3. Round

Round here means and round shaped bowl. They can be made of plastic, clay, wood, or any material. Round bowls are often in trend due to their simple design, which adds to the convenience and aids simplified usage.

4. Salad Bowl

As the name suggests, they’re designed especially for serving salad. The shape and size are designed in such a way that they best serve the purpose. However, it’s not a rule of thumb to restrict a salad bowl just to serve salad and you can always use it for different stuff as you see fit. Salad bowl is just a name given to classify a type of bowl, which was prominently used for serving salad.

5. Decorated Bowls

Decorated bowls are often used more as show pieces rather than for eating something in them. They are highly decorated and are full of attractive color combinations, designs and other accessories for beautification. You can place them in your living room or showcases or on the cabinets where people can get a good glimpse of them.

Impress Your Guests By Serving Them On These Bowls

Bowls are often used for personal consumption. However, a majority of households keep a decorative set of bowls meant for guests. That’s a classic and trending way to stun the guests with an attractive crockery in which attractive bowls are the most important ones. So, bowls play an important role in wowing your guests and visitors at your house. Merely serving some snacks in them can increase your level of respect in the view of your guests.


So, if you want to buy some amazing bowls, try out Alibaba because it offers a large bowl market full of bowl makers and suppliers from the entire China and other countries too. Alibaba offers bowls of different qualities and types that will suit different needs of different buyers.

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